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Most common difference in between Convert.ToString and i.ToString methods in vb.net? View:-1724
Question Posted on 11 May 2022

Most common difference in between Convert.ToString and i.ToString methods in vb.net?
Below is the main di....
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What is JIT in VB.NET and its types? View:-1585
Question Posted on 11 May 2022

What is JIT in VB.NET and its types?
JIT is basicaly termed as Just in Time compiler which is mainly used....
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Killing Process of excel and powerpoint using vb.net View:-5335
Question Posted on 27 Jan 2012

Below code is used to kill process of excel and powerpoint with using vb.net:-

Private Sub Button1_C....
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How to bind GridView with xml file View:-5020
Question Posted on 13 Nov 2011

Below code will bind xml file with the GridView:-
Dim D_Set As New System.Data.DataSet
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Code to use brush in vb.net View:-5045
Question Posted on 24 Sep 2011

Below code is used to do drawing first

Imports System.Drawing
Imports System.Drawing.Imaging
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Code to Use enter key as tab key in vb.net on textbox View:-5053
Question Posted on 24 Apr 2013

Public Class Formname
 Private Sub txtboxid_KeyPress(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As Syste....
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Code to create XML file in vb.net View:-5293
Question Posted on 13 Jul 2012

As all of us know xml is platform independent language so we can use xml in another platforms very easily. In....
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How to get number of hits to website in vb.net View:-5164
Question Posted on 06 Nov 2011

Below code is done in Global.asax and done by application and session variable:-
Sub Application_Start(By....
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How to check internet explorer is running View:-5255
Question Posted on 05 Nov 2011

Below code helps to to get whether Internet Explorer is running or not running:-
Dim myProcesses As Proce....
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How to check wheather character is string or numeric View:-5502
Question Posted on 21 Sep 2011

Bellwo code will helps you to get wheather character is string or numeric

Sub Main()
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number of time a charcter occur View:-5169
Question Posted on 05 Sep 2011

Dim lit As Char
Dim Count As Integer = 0
Dim Count1 As Integer = 0
Dim Duplicate As Char = "A....
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