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CAT Exam

CAT is India's most prestigious entrance examination at national level. And this permits aspirants to get inot top management institutes.

CAT Introduction

What is Cat and its different sections or category?

Syllabus of CAT

CAT syllabus is divided into three sections- VARC, DILR and Quantitative Aptitude.

CAT Topic Weightage

We have observ last 4 years exam and build a Topic wise Weightage for Exam

VARC Syllabus

VARC Syllabus is focus on 5 topics- para jumbles, para completion, para summary etc.

DILR Syllabus

DILR Syllabus is further categorized into 2 more sections- logical reasoning and data interpretation

Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus

Quantitative Aptitude is based on the topics of maths syllabus- Number, Arithmetic and Geometry etc.

Exam Pattern

CAT Exam Pattern has get major changes in last 3 years. And for more details....

CAT Questions

Here you will get CAT questions of previous years for VARC, DILR, and Quant. For more details......

Study Material

Here you will get Study Material 2023 with sample papers and topics wise questions.

Prepare CAT for MBA

Here you will get tips on how to manage the completion of CAT syllabus and..

CAT Syllabus 2023

Here you will get latest CAT syllabus for year 2023 and for more details........

CAT Introduction

Common Admission Test (CAT) is one of the computer based selction test which is being conducted by the IIMs (Indian Institutes of Management). And this test is a prerequisite for admissions to their business administration programs. CAT is not only for IIMs but it is also a prerequisite for admissions into numerous other esteemed management collegese across India. And list of these prestigious institue are:-

(1)SPJIMR (S.P Jain Institute of Management and Research)
(2)FMS (Faculty of Management Studies)
(3)Management Development Institute (Gurgaon)
(4)Institute of Management Technology (IMT)
(5)JBIMS (Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies)
(6)IMI (International Management Institute)
(7)NITIE (National Institute of Industrial Engineering)

And there are many other institute which adopt CAT exam. And when we say about the candidates register for CAT every years is aprox 2.4 lakhs. And CAT 2024 will be conducted by IIM lucknow on 26 November 2024. And result date is 1st week of January 2025.

CAT 2024 Registration

When we say about the registration process for CAT 2024 it is started in month of August and close by the end of September. And when we say about the result it is announced in first week of January 2025. Following the announcement of result, IIMs will begin shortlisting of candidates for admission.

CAT Exam Online Registration Start Date2nd August 2024
CAT Exam Online Registration Close Date13th September 2024
CAT Exam Date26th November 2024
CAT Exam Result Declaration1st Week of Jan 2025

CAT 2024 Exam Eligibility

(1)Candidate should have Bachelor's Degree with minimum 50% marks or equivalent CGPA. And when say about the reserved categories like ST(Scheduled Tribe), SC(Scheduled Caste), DA(Differently Abled) and PWD(Persons with Disability) must at least have 45% marks.
(2)Candidate degree has to be awarded by any of Universities included by an act of the central or a state legislature in India, or any other educational institutions established by an act of Parliament or are declared to be deemed as a University under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956, or hold an equivalent qualification recognized by the MHRD, India.
(3)Both Candidate who has done graduation or awaiting result are eligible to apply in CAT exam. And if candidate is selected he must be allowed to join the program provisionally, only if she/he has submited certificate from the Registrar/Principal of her/his College/Institute (issued on or before June 30, 2024) mentioning that the particular candidate has completed all the requirements for obtaining the bachelor’s degree/equivalent qualification on the date when the certificate was issued.

CAT Sample Paper (2023)

To make pratice we have added some sample paper to get idea of CAT paper and do pratice for exam. (Year 2023)

NoYearCategoryQsnAnswerSample Test
1CAT 2023Slot 1 QA22 Ques | 40 MinsYes
2CAT 2023Slot 2 QA22 Ques | 40 MinsYes
3CAT 2023Slot 3 QA22 Ques | 40 MinsYes
4CAT 2023Slot 1 VARC24 Ques | 40 MinsYes
5CAT 2023Slot 2 VARC24 Ques | 40 MinsYes
6CAT 2023Slot 3 VARC24 Ques | 40 MinsYes
7CAT 2023Slot 1 DILR20 Ques | 40 MinsYes
7CAT 2023Slot 2 DILR20 Ques | 40 MinsYes

CAT Sample Paper (2022)

To make pratice we have added some sample paper to get idea of CAT paper and do pratice for exam. (Year 2022)

NoYearTypeQsnAnswerSample Test
1CAT 2022Slot 1 VARC24 Ques | 40 MinsYes
2CAT 2022Slot 1 DILR20 Ques | 40 MinsYes
3CAT 2022Slot 1 QA22 Ques | 40 MinsYes
4CAT 2022Slot 2 VARC24 Ques | 40 MinsNo
5CAT 2022Slot 2 DILR20 Ques | 40 MinsNo
6CAT 2022Slot 2 QA22 Ques | 40 MinsNo
7CAT 2022Slot 3 VARC24 Ques | 40 MinsYes
8CAT 2022Slot 3 DILR20 Ques | 40 MinsYes
9CAT 2022Slot 3 QA22 Ques | 40 MinsYes

CAT Sample Paper 2021

To make pratice we have added some sample paper to get idea of CAT paper and do pratice for exam. (Year 2021)

NoYearCategoryQsnAnswerSample Test
1CAT 2021Slot 1 QA22 Ques | 40 MinsYes
2CAT 2021Slot 2 QA22 Ques | 40 MinsYes
3CAT 2021Slot 3 QA22 Ques | 40 MinsYes
4CAT 2021Slot 1 DILR20 Ques | 40 MinsYes
5CAT 2021Slot 2 DILR20 Ques | 40 MinsYes
6CAT 2021Slot 3 DILR24 Ques | 40 MinsYes
7CAT 2021Slot 1 VARC24 Ques | 40 MinsYes
8CAT 2021Slot 2 VARC24 Ques | 40 MinsYes
9CAT 2021Slot 3 VARC24 Ques | 40 MinsYes

CAT Sample Paper 2020

To make pratice we have added some sample paper to get idea of CAT paper and do pratice for exam. (Year 2021)

NoYearCategoryQsnAnswerSample Test
1CAT 2020Slot 1 QA26 Ques | 40 MinsYes
1CAT 2020Slot 2 QA26 Ques | 40 MinsYes
1CAT 2020Slot 3 QA26 Ques | 40 MinsYes

Syllabus of CAT

What is the Syllabus of CAT?

When we say about the CAT Syllabus it is deided into three sections and these are given below:-
(3)Quantitative Aptitude
When we say about the official CAT syllabus there is no such docs available as per the IIM on there websites. And when we say about the CAT syllabus here on is based on verbal ability, logical reasoning, data interpretation and for quantitative aptitude for competitive exams and CAT question papers of last 10 years.

To get above 98 percent in CAT 2024, First and most important factor is to consider in preparation is how to complete CAT syllabus 2024 and what topics to focus on. To secure good percentage reas the full article.

Who will set CAT 2024 paper

When we say about the CAT 2024 paper it will be set by one of the top 6 IIMs. Last year, IIM Bangalore conducted CAT exam. Based on the trends of the last 8 years, CAT 2024 will be conducted by either IIM Lucknow or IIM Calcutta.

When should I start preparing for CAT Exam

CAT exam is held on 26 November 2024. And as per the conversion with the CAT toppers he suggested 4-5 months are enough for preparation and that include coverage of CAT 2024 syllabus, mock tests, previous year papers and CAT study material avaialble. And if your appearing for first time start from June month.

CAT Syllabus 2024

When we say about the CAT Syllabus 2024 VARC, QA and DILR is tabulated below. Here list of all topics and sub-topics which are included in CAT syllabus 2024 irrespective of the weightage is provided below:-

SectionCAT Syllabus 2024
CAT Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension SyllabusVerbal Ability: Para Jumbles, Summary, Sentence Completion, Odd Sentence Out, Antonyms & Synonyms, Error Detection, Phrase Modifiers, Idioms, Analogies, Cloze Test, Word Usage
Reading Comprehension: Facts-Inference-Judgement, Critical Analysis of Passage, Themes of the RC passage
CAT Quantitative Aptitude SyllabusArithmetic: Profit & Loss, Time & Work, Time Speed & Distance, Mixtures, Ratio & Proportion, Percentage, Averages, Simple & Compound Interest, Chain Rule
Geometry & Mensuration: Lines & Angles, Circles, Triangles, Polygons, Area & Volume of 2D and 3D figures, Coordinate Geometry
Algebra: Quadratic Equations, Series, Inequalities, Functions, Surds & Indices, Logarithm
Numbers: Real Numbers, Irrational Numbers, Complex Numbers, HCF, LCM, Unit’s Digit, Remainders, Zeroes
Modern Math: Permutation and Combination, Probability, Set Theory
DILR CAT SyllabusCaselets, Tabular Data, Pie Charts, Line Graphs, Bar Graphs, Column Graphs, Combination Graphs/ Charts, Syllogisms, Puzzles, Blood Relations, Coding-Decoding, Seating Arrangement, Ranking, Direction sense test, Logical Sequence

CAT Topic Weightage

What is the Syllabus of CAT?

When we observ last 3 Years CAT questions paper we observ that IIM have change some weightage of topics over the others. Here reading Comprehension and Arithmetic alone account for more than 40% weightage in CAT syllabus. And some of the topics even not has been asked in the last 2 years like clocks, calendars, trigonometry, error detection, cloze tests etc. Below is the CAT topic wise weightage is provided below for the CAT 2024 aspirants.

CAT Syllabus for MBACAT Weightage
Reading Comprehension24%
Arithmetic (Profit & Loss, Mixtures, Time Speed & Distance, Averages, Interest)17%
Data Interpretation Sets (Combination, Bar Graphs, Tables)16%
Logical Reasoning Sets16%
Verbal Ability (Summary, Parajumbles, and Odd Sentence Out)12%
Geometry, Mensuration, Number System, Modern Math9%

VARC Syllabus

When we say about the VARC Syllabus for CAT from last couple of years CAT is now primarily focused on 5 topics and that's are given below:-
(1)Para jumbles
(2)Para completion
(3)Para summary
(4)Reading comprehension
(5)Odd sentence out
When you prepare for CAT you should focused around these 5 topics of VARC CAT syllabus 2024. You should also perpare the questions asked in previous years that could helps you to know the pattern. The topic wise weightage of VARC syllabus for CAT is provided here in below image:-

VARC SyllabusWeightage in CAT 2022(No. of Questions)Weightage in CAT 2021(No. of Questions)Difficulty Level
Reading Comprehension1616Moderate to Difficult
Para Jumbles2-33Moderate
Para Completion2-3-Moderate
Odd Sentence Out-2Easy to Moderate
Para Summary33Moderate

CAT Verbal Ability Syllabus

And when we say about the Cat verbal ability you must check the below topics:-

CAT Verbal Ability Syllabus
Subject-verb agreementAntonyms and SynonymsParallelism
Idioms and PhrasesArticle UsageError Detection (Tenses & Prepositions)
Sentence completion (Vocabulary)Foreign language words used in EnglishOne word substitution
Parts of speechWord Usage and Phrases modifiersTypes of clauses

Reading Comprehension Syllabus for CAT

When we say about the Reading Comprehension Syllabus there is no specific topic which help you to study in CAT syllabus 2023 for reading comprehension. So our advice is to make practice more on reading comprehension passage. That is only suggestion we have for this section. And this will contains 67% weightage in VARC section so it is very important to score well here. BUt i have tried to cover some area so i have creatd a list of topics on which RC questions were asked in last three years.

SlotReading Comprehension Topics in CAT 2022Reading Comprehension Topics in CAT 2021Reading Comprehension Topics in CAT 2020
Slot 1(1)Chinese art of writing
(2)Stoicism + Greek Philosopher
(3)Ghost & their mysteries
(4)Levels of emotional thinking
(1)Mayan Civilisation
(2)Evolution of Tea
(3)Utopia and Dystopia
(4)Marshmallow Experiment
(2)Grammar and Vocabulary
(3)Migration of Seals
(4)Currency of Tang Dynasty
Slot 2(1)Music
(1)Language and Indigenous People
(2)Colonialism and Nationalism
(3)Knowledge is a Scandal to Philosophy
(4)Why Fiction Trumps Truth?
(1)International Trade and Piracy
(2)Renewable Energy Technologies
(3)Freudian Models of Aggression
(4)Study of Visualization
Slot 3(1)Crime Rate
(3)Indian History
(4)Human Automation and Technology
(1)Language Instinct
(4)Unconscious and Psychoanalysis
(1)The Need for Economic Literacy
(2)Travel and Feminism during Colonialism
(3)Screen Time and Undercurrents of Social Class
(4)Analysis of Human Nature

DILR Syllabus

When we say about the DILR it contains 2 sections as the name suggest DI +LR so here DI means data interpretation and LR is logical reasoning. And when we say about the covering of these section you need a daily pratice. And when we say about the CAT 2023 you can expect 2 question sets of 4-6 questions each from DI and LR. And to get pattern you can solve previous CAT Paper to understand.

CAT Syllabus for Data Interpretation

CAT Syllabus for Data Interpretation basically includes understanding of types of diagrams, graphs, charts and the calculation process to get the required values from the given data. (1)When we say about the most asked questions it is a combination of 2 or more types of data representation. (2)And DILR questions are also framed on basis of data presented in tables and paragraphs.

CAT Syllabus for Logical Reasoning

To cover the Logical Reasoning i have added 10 topics in below tabluar form. And if we say about the CAT 2023 you will get question set from 2-3 from these 10 topics. And when we do weightage to these 10 topics 3/10 have the higest priority and these are:- Blood relations, Logical puzzles and seating arrangement.

Logical Reasoning TopicsLogical Reasoning Topics
Seating ArrangementBlood Relations
Data ArrangementLogical Puzzles
Coding-DecodingBinary Logic
Logical MatchingLogical Connectives

Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus

When we say about the Quantitative Aptitude CAT Syllabus it is based on Maths topics. And when we say about important topic is Arithmetic it contains almost 50% of questions from here. And when we say about the major topics then answer is Profit & Loss, discount, mixtures, average, work, percentage, SI/CI, time speed & distance and ratio & proportion. And the topic wise syllabus for CAT is shown in below picture with details:-

TopicWeightage in Cat 2022(Questions)Weightage in Cat 2021(Questions)Difficulty Level
Arithmetic8-910-11Easy to Moderate
Algebra7-85-6Moderate to Difficult
Geometry & Mensuration3-43-4Moderate to Difficult
Modern Math1-21-2Moderate

CAT Exam Pattern

When we say about the exam pattern from last 3 years there are some major changes happen to pattern of CAT exam. From 2015-19, Cat exam had 100 questions to be attempted in 180 minutes.
But in year 2020 CAT exam pattern has changed and revised due to COVID-19 pandemic. Now questions was reduced to just 76 and time also reduce to 120 minutes.
But in next year 2021 one more change added to CAT Exam. In 2021 the number of questions reduced by 10 and now count is 66.
CAT exam 2022 was follow the same pattern as we have in year 2021.
And latest CAT exam pattern which will be followed for the year 2023 is given below:

SectionCAT QuestionsCAT DurationCAT Total Marks
VARC2440 minutes72
Quantitative Aptitude2240 minutes66
DILR2040 minutes60
Total66120 minutes198

CAT Questions

Solving CAT Questions forms an indispensable part of completing CAT syllabus 2023. This is advice to every candidates that to solve CAT previous year papers as sample papers to get hold of which topic of CAT exam syllavus they need to focus more on. I have tried to attach some CAT questions of previous years for VARC, DILR and Quant.

YearCAT Question Paper
CAT 2023 Question Paper
CAT 2022 Question Paper
CAT 2021 Question Paper
CAT 2020 Question Paper
CAT 2019 Question Paper
CAT 2018 Question Paper
CAT 2017 Question Paper

Study Material

To some extent we have tried to attach some good collection on CAT Questions with category and section wise. And you can view the latest questions and practice test here which helps you to understand the topics. The study material for CAT 2024 include concepts, shortcut methods, sample questions, and more.

CAT Study Material VARC
Para JumblesPara Completion
Fill in the BlanksReading Comprehension
Phrase ModifiersPronouns
Type of ClausesType of Articles
Error DetectionPrepositions
Parts of SpeechCAT Solved Sample Questions

CAT Study Material QA
CAT ArithmeticCAT Algebra
CAT GeometryTrigonometry
MensurationShortcut Methods for CAT QA
Venn DiagramsCalendar Questions
CAT Number SystemCAT Modern Math

CAT Study Material DILR
Seating ArrangementSyllogism
Venn Diagram for ProbabilityCalendar
Blood RelationsStatement and Assumptions
Combination and GraphsBar Graph
Pie Charts and TablesCAT Solved Questions of DILR

Best Books for CAT Syllabus 2024

Here we have tried to mention the most famous books which cover all the topics and questions with some latest sample paper:-

SectionName of the BookAuthor
Quantitative AptitudeQuantitative Aptitude for Competitive ExaminationsR S Aggarwal
How to Prepare for QA for CATArun Sharma
Quantum CATS K Verma
Verbal Ability and Reading ComprehensionVerbal Ability & Reading ComprehensionAjay Singh
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CATNishit K Sinha
How to Prepare for VARC for CATArun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay
Data Interpretation and Logical ReasoningA Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal ReasoningR S Aggarwal
Data Interpretation for CATNishit K Sinha
How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for CATArun Sharma

Prepare CAT for MBA

We have tried to provide some tips from the CAT topper of last year below are some tips from top 4 toppers:-

CAT Topper P. Chauhan TipsCAT Topper A. Singh Tips
CAT Topper P. Arora TipsCAT Topper A. Singh Tips

CAT Syllabus 2024

Here we have some latest faq questions asked by different candidate:-

What is the syllabus for CAT 2024?
Syllabus for CAT 2024 includes below list:-
(1)Quantitative aptitude
(2)Logical reasoning
(3)Verbal ability
(4)Reading comprehension
(5)Data interpretation
All of above sections further include 10+ sub-topics from which questions are mostly asked in CAT exam.
What are the sections of CAT?
There are 3 sections VARC, QA and DILR(DI +LR) and below are some more details on this
(1)Quant(QA)-Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry. (2)DILR-Blood relations, Syllogisms, Puzzles, DI-bar graph and pie chart. (3)VARC-Parajumbles, RC, Parasummary.
Is CAT MCQ based?
CAT includes both MCQ and Non-MCQ as per the last year below are details
(1)CAT QA paper had 14 MCQs and 8 Non-MCQs
(2)CAT VARC had 21 MCQs and 3 Non-MCQs
(3)CAT DILR had 14 MCQs and 6 Non-MCQs
Is CAT syllabus similar to other MBA exam syllabus?
Placeholder Data.
Is CAT exam tough?
Here answer is Yes, when we compare CAT with other exams like MAT, CMAT, etc. And CAT is one of the toughest entrance exams. Majority of the test-takers rate the CAT exam to be moderate to tough.
Is maths required for CAT exam?
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What is the weightage of MCQs and TITA questions in CAT exam?
Placeholder Data.
Which is the best book for CAT quantitative aptitude syllabus?
Placeholder Data.
Are marks deducted for spelling errors in the non- MCQ type of questions?
Placeholder Data.
Are NCERT books enough to prepare CAT exam syllabus?
Placeholder Data.
Which section has the maximum weightage in CAT Syllabus?
Placeholder Data.
Which CAT subject is difficult?
Placeholder Data.
Is CAT Syllabus same every year?
Placeholder Data.
Is CAT Syllabus similar to Bank PO Syllabus?
Placeholder Data.
Can I cover CAT syllabus without coaching?
Placeholder Data.
What is the overall difficulty level of CAT exam?
Placeholder Data.
What are the best online coaching centers for completing MBA CAT syllabus?
Placeholder Data.
Is GK asked in CAT?
Here our answer is no but it is useful when your pursuing the PI rounds.